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Services provided by Bloodworth Flick Law.

Services provided by Bloodworth Flick Law.

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Estate Planning & Probate Lawyers

Facing a complex probate case and in need of an estate planning and probate lawyer in Naples, FL? Hiring a probate attorney to help you create a solid estate plan is critical to ensuring that your final wishes are protected. Estate planning is also essential to providing your family and loved ones with the resources to honor your wishes in the event you become severely injured, ill or pass away.

We take a delicate approach to probate and estate planning as we know the sensitivity these matters require. When discussing personal and professional assets that are achieved over the span of one’s lifetime, our law firm pulls from years of experience in family law to help your family avoid probate — a trying court process based on Florida laws of succession that occurs to determine what happens to your assets if your wishes are not formally documented. Our probate lawyers provide representation and counsel in the following areas of asset protection:

Living Wills

A living will can be exercised as a medical power of attorney in that you have the ability to identify an individual you trust to make medical decisions on your behalf in case you are ever unable to do so on your own.

Trust Administration

We have experience in revocable trusts, irrevocable trusts, support trusts for children, and charitable trusts. We’re here to help you determine which type of trust is best suited for your needs, as well as ensuring proper trust and asset management.

Asset Protection

Solidifying financial protection for your assets is a pivotal process and necessary to avoiding complex issues pertaining to creditors, lawsuits and judgments.

Business Succession

Our probate lawyers are equipped to help you develop a plan for your family-owned businesses to ensure there is a successor of your choosing and clear plans in place for taxes and professional assets.

Probate Administration

You need a competent attorney on your side to ensure the assets owned by the decedent are transferred according to their wishes — especially if that family member’s last will and testament is deemed invalid or nonexistent.

Our Process

getting organized

Getting Organized

The probate attorney will gather your case information, complete your account setup, and compile all paperwork needed to open the probate.

initial administration

Initial Administration

During the probate administration process, documents are drafted and filed in court. The probate is opened and all court-supervised proceedings take place.

claims management

Claims Management & Distributions

Home stretch is when we handle paying off all claims of the estate, filing the final inventory, and distributing the assets to the appropriate beneficiaries.

estate closing

Estate Closing

The last step once everything else is settled is where we finalize everything and formally close out the probate.

Probate Litigation Attorney in Naples, FL

Probate Legal Services in Naples, FL

Never underestimate the importance of speaking to a skilled probate litigation attorney when facing matters of probate or estate planning. It is necessary not just for the wealthy but for every individual to ensure their lifelong achievements are passed down according to their wishes. Our skilled probate attorneys are available to help protect your interests and achieve the best possible outcome.

Being better prepared also helps your loved ones avoid stressful probate issues that could arise and include unexpected costs and the potential for abuse of power through the maladministration of assets to your beneficiaries. At Florida Probates, we’re here to answer any questions and offer legal counsel for any situation involving probate and family law. Protect your legacy — contact us today.

Located in a different city but still want to use our Florida probate attorney services? Choose the city closest to you and see how we can get started in a consultation to guide you and your family through this challenging process. Schedule a consultation at one of our Tampa probate attorney, West Palm probate attorney, or Orlando probate attorney locations today!

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