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Services provided by Bloodworth Flick Law.

Services provided by Bloodworth Flick Law.

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#1 Probate Law Office in Tampa, FL

Our Tampa probate lawyers work to assist our clients through a time that may be very difficult and help choose the best course of action in preparation for the future. Our experienced legal team is here to listen to every need, questions, and concerns regarding the probate administration process. Our probate attorneys have a mission to not only deliver successful results but also provide quality legal services that fulfill all of your probate needs. Our comprehensive estate planning services help clients form and distribute a protective plan during their lifetime and immediately following their passing to fulfill all posthumous wishes. These services include:


When appointing a dependable trustee to administer your assets upon your death, you can potentially avoid or simplify the overall probate process by having them promptly and accurately distributed. Due to an unforeseen incident affecting a parent, for example, an established trust can provide immediate monetary funds to guardians of a child or avoid a guardianship court case altogether.

Living Wills

Living wills are created to inform your loved ones and physicians of the medical treatment you choose if you’re ever unable to due to incapacitation — you’re also able to choose someone to make decisions on your behalf. Our Orlando probate attorneys can help choose what’s right for you during a carefully detailed consultation.

Business Succession

The transition from one business owner to another doesn’t need to be a complicated matter. Protect your business assets by having a plan in place should the current owner pass away. Having an experienced Tampa probate lawyer on your legal team can help prevent the business from being charged expensive tax fees or undergoing a large amount of paperwork.

Asset Protection

Gain better financial protection and protect your assets against creditors, sudden judgments or even potential lawsuits. Our probate litigation specialists are available to serve you both in and outside of the courtroom. Hiring a competent probate lawyer is the first step towards securing your personal property in the event of death or incapacitation.

Our Process

getting organized

Getting Organized

First, a West Palm probate attorney assesses your case. This includes gathering information, setting up your account, and organizing everything needed to open the probate.

initial administration

Initial Administration

The bulk of the probate, this is when we open the probate and do the heavy lifting drafting and filing documents with the court as we work our way through the court-supervised process.

claims management

Claims Management & Distributions

Home stretch, this is when we handle paying off all claims of the estate, filing the final inventory, and distributing the assets to the estate’s beneficiaries.

estate closing

Estate Closing

Once all remaining matters and paperwork are settled, the Florida probate attorney completes a final review and formally close out the probate.

Probate Lawyer in Tampa, FL

Tampa Probate & Estate Planning Lawyers

Hiring a probate and estate planning lawyer is always in your best interest as probate litigation can, unfortunately, involve a lot of complexity and challenges within itself. Our firm is highly skilled and educated when it comes to probate law and is prepared to handle any unwanted dispute that should arise and affect our clients. Potential issues include abuse of power through the maladministration of assets to the beneficiaries or heirs. Our Naples probate lawyers are on standby to promptly handle any occurrences when dealing with situations involving a disputed will, undisclosed assets, misrepresentation or financial mismanagement.

If you and your loved ones believe that a deceased family member’s wishes are not accurately reflected in the estate plan, don’t hesitate to meet with our Florida probate attorneys regarding a potential case. Get started on protecting your assets now by contacting us today. We are here to guide you and your family through this challenging and complicated process. Our service areas include major cities across the state. Contact one of our Orlando probate attorney, West Palm probate attorney, or Naples probate attorney offices to schedule an initial cosultation.

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