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Services provided by Bloodworth Flick Law.

Services provided by Bloodworth Flick Law.

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Estate & Probate Lawyer in West Palm, FL

Looking for a skilled West Palm probate lawyer to represent or guide you during a complex probate case? Enlisting the right probate attorney is important to navigating the intricacies of estate planning. Our legal team is experienced in all aspects of probate law and can help you during any stage of the process including litigation, creation of last will and testament, business succession planning, and probate administration. Our goal is to help you understand and implement the resources at your disposal to achieve the best possible outcome.

Probate litigation involves a court proceeding that balances out a decedent’s net worth after their passing. This includes paying off debt and distributing assets as stated in the decedent’s will. If there is a will present, the court determines whether the will is valid and distributes the decedent’s assets accordingly through the executor named in the will. If a will is determined to be invalid, then an administrator is assigned to distribute assets according to the Florida inheritance laws.

Whether you require assistance with the probate litigation process or ensuring that your legacy is passed on in accordance with your posthumous wishes, get started by contacting our Florida probate attorneys today! We also offer our legal services in major cities throughout the state. Choose a location near you to schedule a consultation and get started. Our Orlando probate attorney, Tampa probate attorney, and Naples probate attorney offices are available and waiting for your call.

Our Process

getting organized

Getting Organized

First, we’ll need to get to know you and your situation. This includes information gathering, setting up your account, and organizing everything we’ll need to open the probate.

initial administration

Initial Administration

The bulk of the probate, this is when we open the probate and do the heavy lifting drafting and filing documents with the court as we work our way through the court-supervised process.

claims management

Claims Management & Distributions

Home stretch, this is when we handle paying off all claims of the estate, filing the final inventory, and distributing the assets to the estate’s beneficiaries.

estate closing

Estate Closing

Once all terms and payments are settled, the probate attorney can conduct one last review before formally closing the probate.

Probate Services in West Palm, FL

Probate Process & Legal Services

Clients can enlist the help of our West Palm probate services to develop a posthumous plan well in advance of a foreseen death. This process can include the creation of a living will or business succession plan. Our estate and probate lawyers specialize in the following legal services to protect your assets in these instances:

Living Wills

A living will can be considered a medical power of attorney as it gives another individual the power to make medical decisions on your behalf. Different from a last will and testament, a living will is used while a person is still alive and is especially important for end-of-life care to be carried out according to one’s wishes.

Business Succession

Passing down your life’s work to future generations is a pivotal moment in your career — our probate lawyers understand the importance of this decision and are here to help guide you through the process.

Estate Planning

This is the process of preparing for the transfer of your assets to beneficiaries of your choosing. We can aid in this process by implementing knowledge and processes to help you stay in possession of your wealth for you and your beneficiaries.

Asset Protection

Our probate attorneys apply years of expertise in probate law to minimize taxation according to the specifics of your case and ensure protection against future creditors or litigation.


Launching a trust is an avenue of achieving protection against creditors as an individual’s assets are controlled by a company, even after the individual passes rather than being subject to probate court — a route that can also help maintain confidentiality.

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